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252 GOLD Semilac Metallic Effect Collection


252 GOLD Semilac Metallic Effect Collection


Semilac Metallic effect Gold – the richness of gold colour with a hint of metallic sparkle. It’s a power of shine that will charm all those who observe your path to success. The perfect highlight of following your own path!

Semilac Metallic Effect is an effect for UV Hybrid in a form of a classic nail polish. This innovative product guarantees a metallic, chrome shine which was inspired by the most beautiful colours of racing cars. Semilac Metallic Effect is a unique nail polish that will work perfectly as a part of the nail art creation.

This effect for UV Hybrid can be applied on all nails but you will get the best results using it as an element of the nail decoration.

9 new Semilac Metallic Effects are dedicated to the hybrid styling made with Semilac products. It’s the best combination that guarantees a unique and lasting effect.

Can Semilac Metallic Effect be applied directly on the nail plate as a classic nail polish? Semilac Metallic Effect it’s an effect for UV Hybrid so it can be applied only on a correctly prepared nail, previously covered with Semilac Base and Semilac Top No Wipe. We don’t recommend to apply it directly on a nail plate and on nails with an uneven surface (despite the previously applied layer of base and Semilac Top No Wipe).

Does Semilac Metallic Effect require a special protection of the styling? The latest product from the Semilac offer, Metallic Effect, should be applied on the previously cured layers of Semilac Base and Semilac Top No Wipe.

When two layers of the metallic effect are completely dry, it’s obligatory to protect them with top (preferably Semilac Top No Wipe) not forgetting about the free edge. This guarantees the durability of the effect and of the manicure. Remember that Semilac Metallic Effect should be applied only on even and smooth nails. Otherwise the styling will look unaesthetic.

Which top should be used to fix the styling made with Semilac Metallic Effect? Top No Wipe or any other top?

Just before the application of Semilac Metallic Effect, you should apply Semilac Top No Wipeand cure it in a lamp. When two thin layers of metallic effect are dry, you can use two layers of any Semilac top, curing each of them in a lamp. For best results we recommend to use Semilac Top No Wipe.

Semilac Metallic Effect is offered in a 7 ml bottle and has a special labelling suggesting that inside you can find an effect for UV Hybrid.

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