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501 Amazing Amethyst - Semilac By Maxineczka "Purple Mania" Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish


501 Amazing Amethyst - Semilac By Maxineczka "Purple Mania" Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish.

Clearly shiny, fuchsia speck submerged in an elegant combination of dark magenta and violet. The proposal is very sophisticated and shiny - it works well for a big way out or as a strong decoration with fewer obvious stylizations. Color coverage: semi-transparent.

Shiny hybrid nails - charm everyone with your splendor!

Shiny hybrid nails are no longer reserved only for the big way out! For some time, shiny particles have found their way in our everyday stylizations, adding them with elegance and sophisticated splendor. All this includes our Amazing Amethyst hybrid paint!

Glossy nail polish - tempts with large particles and captivating color!

Gloss nail polish Semilac Amazing Amethyst 501 is one of the women's favorite ideas that reach for Semilac hybrid varnishes from the Purple Mania collection. Why? Because each of us likes to shine! Wealth of particles can be used in a complete stylization or simply treated in the form of a stylish accent.

This shiny nail polish, however, has one more feature that makes it really special - color! Violet semi-transparent hybrid varnish Semilac combined with a large and shiny speck is a duet that is hard to beat! Paint it with a sophisticated manicure that will last up to 21 days <3

Shiny patterns on nails - another use in manicure!

Do you like our shiny nail polish, Semilac Amazing Amethyst, but you are not convinced that its suitability is not excessive for you? Relax - we have a way! For a good start you can try to create shiny patterns on your nails! These will only subtly attract attention!

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