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502 Peculiar Plum - Semilac By Maxineczka "Purple Mania" Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish


502 Peculiar Plum - Semilac By Maxineczka "Purple Mania" Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish

A deep shade of dark pink with deeply heather tones. The color of this Semilac hybrid varnish is less pronounced - it will meet the expectations of more supple color fans. It also works well as a foundation for rich decorations. Color coverage - full.

Violet hybrid nails - delicate and feminine!

Violet hybrid nails enjoy unflagging popularity for years. Their strength lies in their classicity and wide possibilities of fitting into stylizations. Violet hybrid nails look beautiful without unnecessary decorations, and spiced with shiny specks or other equally elaborate patterns!

Violet nails with brocade? Maxineczka likes this!

Violet nails with brocade is a proposal of interesting stylization, which is elegant, feminine, but also a little frivolous! In the glittering of purple nails with brocade, many fell in love. Violet is always a proven color proposal, if you get bored with reds or checked beiges. You can easily replace them with a speck - they find themselves in its radiance!

Maxineczka knows, that's why her collection Semilac Purple Mania could not miss the classic violet contained in the hybrid varnish Semilac Peculiar Plum. If you have a chrap on shining it - we recommend choosing the varnish Semilac Amazing Amethyst 501 - nothing add anything, nothing!

Purple nail polish - inspirations

Purple nail polish can be used for many occasions and in many satisfying styles. He likes colorful company and is fashionable regardless of the season! In summer, they will appreciate lighter colors on other nails. In autumn and winter, purple nail polish can be combined with crimson, black or red. No need to be embarrassed - purple varnish Semilac will be happy to open to new sensations!

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