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506 Like A Mermaid Semilac By Stylizacje "Nails On Fleek" - Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish


506 Like A Mermaid Semilac By Stylizacje "Nails On Fleek" - Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish

A sea shade of emerald green with a lot of azure particles. Ideal for rebellious souls who want to emphasize the strength of their character with color. Nobody will pass by indifferently! Color coverage - full.

Navy nails - patterns will not be needed!

If you choose the Navy Blue Hybrid Semilac hybrid paint from the Nails On Fleek collection! This is an unusual offer that tempts with a very sophisticated, emerald color. In case this one was not sufficiently ornamented, Semilac Like A Mermaid was spiced up with a lot of azure speck!

Dark blue matte nails - an idea for an interesting combination!

Navy nails are a good proposition for women who like to emphasize their beauty in a clear way. However, we do not always want to just navy nails. Sometimes we dream a little more madness. Then you should allow yourself a little frivolity and fun form!

We offer grant matte nails enrich with Semilac Like A Mermaid, a charming hybrid varnish in shining colors. It is not only tempting with an unprecedented color - it also has the power of a shining speck, which simply can not be resisted. He and navy matte nails are a harmonious duo that is worth testing!

Navy nails - choose patterns in moderation!

Navy nails are a bold option in which strong individuals will find themselves. Therefore, we advise you to exercise restraint while decorating them with additional patterns. Especially, if we reach for a proposal with the star of the Nails On Fleek collection - this navy varnish with shiny particles is enough variety for our stylization!

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