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508 Mint Cream Semilac By Stylizacje "Nails On Fleek" - Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish


508 Mint Cream Semilac By Stylizacje "Nails On Fleek" - Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish

A very light shade of saturated mint, which will work great in light, especially summer stylizations. It can be enriched with a shiny glitter, adding to it a more elegant character. Then it will also be perfect for a sophisticated way out. Color coverage - full.

Mint varnish - to emphasize your rebellious soul!

Mint varnish is a bolder proposal that can not get your heart right away. If you are used to subdued beiges or powder pink - mint varnish will sound quite extravagant for you. Do not cross it yet - if you give it a chance - it will positively surprise you!

Mint cream Semilac Mint Cream - tasty in style!

Semilac Mint Cream mint is a good choice for the first meeting with mint in styling. It is delicate, but with character. And sophisticated! Did we miss something here? Yes - take on his tasteful sweetness. The mint-colored cream will impress anyone looking at your nails, painted with Semilac Mint Cream mint!

What else is worth knowing about him? That he loves company! Especially worn, beige colors that are certainly in the circle of your interests. He will not always despise fashionable and proper pink and ... more stylish elements of stylization! You can put white or black patterns on it. Drobiny will certainly love too!

Mint hybrid varnish - when is it worth reaching for it?

Mint hybrid varnish is a brisk proposition that will be best found in the spring and summer months. Then you will best match its light form to airy and casual creations. In addition, mint hybrid varnish likes the company of bright colors, which warmly enrich our manicure for weeks!

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