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591 Semilac Sculpture Gel 4D - Peach 5g - SemilacUSA

591 Semilac Sculpture Gel 4D - Peach 5g


Semilac Sculpture Gel 4D is a very dense, well-pigmented plastic structural gel. It is a kind of plastering for nail stylization, used to create special patterns decorations (eg lace, 4D flowers). Semilac Sculpture Gel 4D is available in 11 colors.


Semilac Sculpture Gel 4D is applied on a finished hybrid / gel manicure, on a product without a dispersion layer ( Semilac Top No Wipe or an ordinary Semilac Top, degreased with Cleaner or alcohol).

Remove Semilac Sculpture Gel 4D from the box using a stick or other handy tooling apply on the nail. Form the desired shape of decorating on the nail plate. For this you can use Semilac Silicon Brush (first soak in nail cleaner or alcohol), stick or just fingers. All cure in the lamp. You do not need to use nail cleaner because Sculpture Gel doesn't have dispersion layer. There is also no need to apply the top in the end. Semilac Sculpture Gel 4D after curing leaves a Matt effect.

Curing Time:

LED 3W lamp - 120 sec.

LED 6W lamp - 60 sec. ( color 597 and 595 60 sec. and then next 45 sec.).

LED 9W lamp - 30 sec. (color 597 and 595 60 sec.).

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