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612 Semilac Cat Eye Effect Gold - Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish - "Cat Eye" Collection

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612 Semilac Cat Eye Effect Gold - Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish - "Cat Eye" Collection

Semilac Cat Eye Gold 612 - is agile, cunning and fast. Its golden glow is hard to hide in everyday life, so you must be prepared to catch fleeting glances! It's hard to fall in love with this cat eye at first sight! Besides, each of us deserves some magic enchanted in the thousand endings of this golden story.

Semilac Cat Eye is a semi-transparent hybrid varnish that enables the creation of 3D cat-eye effects.


The Semilac Cat Eye app is simple and will not be a problem for people who are able to correctly perform a hybrid manicure.

1. Before applying the Semilac Cat Eye, you should prepare your nails (the same as in the case of classic, hybrid or gel manicure). First, remove the cuticles, give the nail plate the desired shape, matt it and degrease with Semilac Cleaner.

2. Apply a thin layer of Semilac Base on such prepared nails, which we later cure in the lamp (curing time depends on the strength of your lamp).

3. If the cat eye effect is to decorate our favorite color of Semilac lacquer, we put a thin layer of the colored product on the base and harden it under the lamp. For better coverage, we can apply a second layer of Semilac hybrid varnish and also harden it in the lamp. Apply Semilac Cat Eye to the painted nails, apply the magnet and create decorations. When the effect is satisfactory for us, we harden it under the lamp.

4. In order to protect the cat's eye effect, we put the top for Semilac Top No Wipe hybrid varnishes and harden it in the lamp.The best cat eye effect is achieved by applying Semilac Cat Eye to the black Hybrid Semilac Black Diamond 031.



The Magnetic Pen is sold separately.

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