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631 Green Semilac - "Sharm Effect" Collection - SemilacUSA

631 Green Semilac - "Blooming Effect" Collection

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631 Green Semilac - "Blooming Effect" Collection

Semilac Blooming Effect Green 631 is a dreamy shade of green filled with hope. The vibrancy of fresh-cut grass with a touch of the oceanic depth, real strong color, and a must-have for your fingertips.


The Semilac Blooming Effect collection is such a wide range that you will definitely find your favorite shade that will perfectly match your dream style. With 18 colors to choose from, you fall in love with at first sight!

Semilac Blooming Effect, you will love this range from the first brush! This is a new line of products that allow you to create Sharm styling. It consists of two bases - Semilac Blooming Base White and Semilac  Base Blooming Clear, which differ in color (the first one is white, the second is transparent) and then 18 new vibrant shades.


Before you apply Semilac Blooming Effect on your nails, prepare the plate accordingly. Act as you would any other styling. 
Next, comes the Semilac Base, which we harden under the lamp. 
We will then apply a special base from the Semilac Blooming Effect - Base White or Base Clear and re-cure under the lamp.

Then repeat the Blooming Effect base application and an unprotected layer of one of the 18 colors from the Semilac Blooming Effect collection and wait for the pattern to spill out to create an ornamental effect. 
Later we will harden it under the lamp. The curing time depends on the power of the lamp. 
On the finished pattern, we apply Semilac Top and harden it in the lamp.


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