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640 ORANGE & PEACH Semilac Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish - "Thermal" Collection - SemilacUSA

640 ORANGE & PEACH Semilac Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish - "Thermal" Collection

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Semilac Thermal Orange&Peach 640 – Semilac Thermal Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish is a totally new product in Semilac portfolio. It will let you have nails in even more stunning color that will change with your feelings! Thermal hybrid nail polish changes with temperature – in this case deep orange will turn into sweet peach orange. It is the most sophisticated Semilac Thermal hybrid nail polish!

Semilac Thermal is a totally new product in our portfolio and it is no coincidence that we launch it on colder days! Semilac Thermal will let you light up the autumn/winter look with hot feelings and rich colours! It will help you get a sublime manicure that will live by the beat of your heart!

Semilac Thermal hybrid – as many as 9 unique colours!

Thermal hybrid nail polish is becoming more and more popular. If you feel like getting a look abundant with (literally) lively colours, you are in the right place! Semilac Thermal hybrid provides an exceptional base colour that will change under the influence of temperature and will charm with a completely different shade!

Semilac Thermal is your way to express how you’re feeling and what’s in your soul! Emotions are running high? Or maybe you are feeling a cold blow in your hear? You hybrid nails will not surely notice that! Semilac Thermal is a reliable way to express how you are feeling. Anyone who freezes you should better watch out – your nails will not stay idle!

Semilac Thermal – enjoy beautiful and long-lasting effect!

Semilac Thermal is the newest product which enriches our wide portfolio. Pick your favourite ones from 9 colours of Semilac Thermal nail polish and play with your feelings on the nails! Semilac Thermal is your way to get a stylish look that will change with temperature!

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