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642 RED & ORANGE Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish - "Thermal Collection" - SemilacUSA

642 RED & ORANGE Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish - "Thermal Collection"


Semilac Thermal Red&Orange 642 – Semilac Thermal hybrid offers a perfect way to express your feelings and enriching your nails with them! Thermal hybrid nail polish stands for a change of look with temperature! How does it work? Red Semilac Thermal Red&Orange 642 in a base form tempts with its juicy women’s shade. When the temperature reaches peak, the Semilac Thermal hybrid will be seasoned with an orange flame of love! 

Semilac Thermal – for those who like changes!


Who said that elegant style must be uniform? Exactly! Semilac Thermal is a guarantee of lovely manicure that will change as your feelings change! Deepness of the colour may be lit up by a brighter colour or strengthened by a more intense shade. It depends on which thermal nail polish you will choose! Take you pick – the choice is great!

Semilac Thermal hybrid – for persons who seek the highest quality!

Semilac Thermal hybrid is a colourful novelty for this autumn, enriching our broad range of nail polish. Semilac Thermal comes in 9 colours that will show what you are feeling! From now on it is possible – thermal nail polish changes with temperature. When it gets really hot, the colour of your nails will light up and inform the persons around you about it!

Dark navy blue? Women’s violets? Or maybe intensive and emotional red? You decide! Semilac Thermal come in 9 unique colours that will change with your feelings. It’s at least 18 ways to show how you are feeling!

Thermal hybrid nail polish – when you want to put on crazy colours!

Semilac Thermal hybrid nail polish is a great idea, when you feel like a bit of makeover. We offer new Semilac Thermal hybrid nail polish in 9 colours. Let them change as the temperature and you feelings change! It is the best way to throw a final punch to the greyness outside the window!

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