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644 PLUM & BLUE Semilac Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish "Thermal" Collection - SemilacUSA

644 PLUM & BLUE Semilac Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish "Thermal" Collection


Semilac Thermal Plum&Blue 644 – Semilac Thermal soak off gel / hybrid nail polish is a way to get a sublime manicure that will live up with your feelings! Semilac Thermal hybrid offers a rich distinguished plum colour which constitutes a basis for very feminine and elegant look of the nails. When the temperature reaches its peak, your nails will let you know about it by turning to spontaneous blue! Try it – we guarantee exceptionally sensitive manicure!

Thermal hybrid nail polish? Go bet on Semilac!


Interested in thermal hybrid nail polish? Well, that’s good news! It is our new autumn series. And for you it is a guarantee of top quality products thanks to which you will create an unrepeatable look. Enjoy it and surprise for long weeks – without peeling-off and colour loss! Semilac Thermal hybrid is the best way to deal with the autumn weather!

Thermal hybrid nail polish – for those who want more!

The thermal hybrid nail polish is a tough fighter that becomes more and more popular. It’s hardly surprising! The power of lively colour is a feature which is hard to beat! From now on you don’t have to pick one colour for you nails! Get the Semilac Thermal hybrid and cherish the unique colour in many ways!

Semilac Thermal nail polish is very temperature-sensitive. If they are affected by cold water or warm gust of wind, their colour changes! Our portfolio covers Semilac Thermal nail polish in 9 amazing colours! These are 18 ways for an interesting look of the nails that will fight against the autumn greyness!

Semilac Thermal hybrid – for everyday and special uses!

Semilac Thermal hybrid is an interesting proposal for those who hate boring lifestyle. And obviously by means of colour! Semilac Thermal hybrid comes in 9 colours and allows to create almost magic ombre on the nails! From now on you can forget about boring manicure – the colour of your nails will be lively all the time. Literally! It is a perfect solution for everyday and special uses – test it!

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