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646 PURPLE & PINK Semilac Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish "Thermal" Collection


Semilac Thermal Purple&Pink 646 – Semilac Thermal soak off gel / hybrid Nail Polish

Offers a new way to express your feelings! It’s enough to use it as a base for beautiful manicure, and your heart will start beating faster and your look will change with the mood! First Semilac Thermal tempts you with a dignified violet colour. However it loves flirting with a girlish pink which embraces the violet after a subtle moment of affection.

Thermal hybrid – novelty on your nails!

 The thermal hybrid nail polish is a new way to overcome autumn chilliness and grayness! If you don’t want to blend with the autumn aura, get to know our Semilac Thermal nail polish. It’s the way for a colorful styling which lives up to your feelings! See how colors will change as the feelings change!

Semilac Thermal – it’s more than words!
Semilac Thermal is your way to express how you are feeling! How does it work? It is simple! Pick your favourite Semilac Thermal nail polish, create professional manicure and wait for a while. Cold autumn will not affect your nails – they will remain glossy and stunningly colourful... However, when it gets warm, the flame of your heart will change the colour of your nails.

Semilac Thermal will let you have the manicure that lives up with your feelings. When your feelings reach their peaks, a unique ombre effect will appear on your nails! You have 9 exceptional colours to choose from – test, search, create and impress!

Semilac Thermal hybrid – colours changing to the rhythm of your heart!

Semilac Thermal hybrid is a novelty in our portfolio. We offer the most beautiful colours that will change by the rhythm of your heart! It is a magical thermal hybrid nail polish which is very sensitive to temperature. Warm? Cold? Your nails feel it and change creating a lovely ombre effect!

UV LED lamp 3 W – 2 x 60 sec
UV LED 6 W lamp – 45 sec
UV LED 9 W lamp – 30 sec
UV LED 24 W lamp – 30 sec
UV LED 36 W lamp – 30 sec
UV LED 48/24 W lamp – 30 sec
UV 36 W lamp – 120 sec

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