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Slowianka Nail Trends USA

LONG LASTING TOP COAT NO WIPE - Slowianka Nail Trends Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish 10ML


Long Lasting Top Coat 10ml

The best-selling formula of the customer-beloved No Wipe Top Coat from Slowianka has been boosted with components that repair microcracks in the top structure. This means prolonged durability and perfect styling for several weeks. In addition, the new No Wipe Top Coat shines longer and is scratch-free. Please note that complete curing takes 2 minutes in a LED lamp.
Top Coat with a creamy consistency, medium viscosity, and density. It perfectly fixes every stylization, is resistant to scratches and abrasions, and the shine lasts up to 5 weeks. It is also perfect for securing Babyboomer and French and various types of dust on the nails.
The product is also suitable for sticking crystals.

Apply a thin layer to the gel polish or gels (including acrygel and acrylic) and put it into the lamp for a specific time according to the lamp classification.
After removing it from the lamp, do not touch the surface with your fingers for about 4 seconds - Top Coat No Wipe must be glazed.


Methacrylic Acid, Photoinitiator Tpo, Hema, Petmp, Di-trimethylolpropane Tetraacrylate, Polyether-modified Polysiloxane

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