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Semilac SemiFlash Aurora Gold & Green - 681


Semilac SemiFlash Aurora Gold & Green - 681

Pollen Semilac Flash Aurora Gold & Green 681 - pollen on hybrid nails Semilac is a proposal of clothing your styling in a green and golden glow, next to which you can not pass by! Do you appreciate extraordinary decorations, brilliance of particles and easy application? In that case, Semilac Flash Aurora Gold & Green 681 nail pollen will fit your taste. And for your nails!

Fine dust that will give your manicure a wow effect. 

SemiFlash Application – it is so easy!

1. Create a standard hybrid manicure Semilac Base -> 2x Color -> Top No Wipe or Base-> 2x 031 Black Diamond (Black Diamond doesn't leave dispersion layer)

2. On top of a cured Top No Wipe or 031 delicately rub the dust with an applicator.

3. Use a soft bristle brush to remove excess dust.

4. Apply two layers of Top No Wipe again and cure each layer under a lamp.

*When applying SemiFlash it is especially important to cap the free edge of the nail.

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