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LEVELLER BASE - Semilac Self-leveling Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Base - SemilacUSA

LEVELLER BASE - Semilac Self-leveling Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Base


Semilac Leveller Base - 7 ml

A flexible self-leveling base, ideal for soak off gel /  hybrid nail polishes. It ensures a good adhesion and durability. 
The Semilac Leveller Base fills in any inequality, shapes the nail plate and allows the augmentation. Due to the consistency, it is very easy to apply.

Semilac Leveller Base - is a self-leveling base for soak off gel / hybrid colors. Thanks to the very dense consistency this base is very easy in the application witch certainly will meet the approval of people starting their nail styling adventure.

Leveller Base is different from the other bases because Leveller Base can fill the nail plate unevenness and self-leveling properties. In addition, it's dense and flexible, witch makes it easy to use. A product with such properties requires a special composition witch results in the highest quality of the styling criteria being fulfilled by its use up to 14 days.

No primer is required before application of this base.

This base is dedicated to problematic nail plate with uneven structure, witch provides better adhesion of the soak off gel / hybrid products.


  1. prepare nail plate and degrease it with nail cleaner or alcohol.
  2. Apply one layer of Leveller Base. Its thickness depends on the effect that we want to achieve - in order to build up the nail you should apply more layers and each cure under the lamp. When using Leveller Base in the form of a regular soak off gel /hybrid manicure, simply apply a thin layer of the product and cure it under the lamp (curing time depends on the power of the lamp).
  3. Apply thin layer of color and cure it in the lamp.
  4. Apply one more layer of color and cure (remember to secure the free edge of the nail with color).
  5. Apply Semilac Top of your choice and cure it.
  6. Finish your manicure with Semilac Cuticle Oil.

UV lamp LED 6 - 60 sec. 
UV lamp LED 9 - 60 seconds. 
UV lamp LED 24 - 30 sec. 
UV lamp LED 36 - 30 sec. 
LED lamp UV 24/48 W - 30 sec. 
UV lamp 36 - 120 sec.

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