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Semilac Nail Tips Glue With Brush - SemilacUSA

Semilac Nail Tips Glue With Brush


Semilac Nail Tips Glue With Brush 7g

High-quality, very strong nail tips glue that ensures their excellent adhesion to the nail plate and, consequently, durability of your manicure.

Transparent Semilac glue is very durable but remains gentle for the natural nail. This quick-drying glue bonds tips with nail plate in just a few seconds! It can be also used to stick various types of nail decorations. It allows you to change the style of manicure in a trice and match it with circumstances and your mood!


Use a brush to apply Semilac glue to the tip pocket. Then attach the tips to the previously prepared nail plate and wait a few seconds. Ready!

 Semilac tips and glue are for professional use only.

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