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Vitamin Base -  Soak Off Gel / Hybrid - SemilacUSA

Vitamin Base - Soak Off Gel / Hybrid


Semilac Gel / Hybrid Vitamin Base 7 ml

Vitamin base for UV Hybrid 7 ml
Ideal for fragile nail plates!
With complex of vitamins E and B5!
Twice stronger protection for nails!

The innovative product designed to be applied on the nail plate as a hybrid base coat. Thanks to the formula with vitamin E and B5 it twice increased protection of the natural nail plate.
Modern production technology allow to design base that works on the nail plate softer than standard base coats.

Base coat on which is applied color. Thanks to it, Semilac keeps on nails up to 14 days.
It leaves a sticky dispersion layer.


Ordered test conducted by Dermatest® GmbH, 03/2016

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