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 SEMILAC - Frequently Asked Questions


Who should use Semilac Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Products?

Semilac Soak Off / Hybrid Nail Products should be used by professional nail technicians because only Semilac Base should have contact with nail plate. 

What are the types of Semilac Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Base?

  1. Classic base for soak off gel/hybrid - Semilac Base: makes the color keeps on nails up to 21 days.
  2.  Semilac Vitamin Base - is enriched with vitamins E and B5, so that doubles the protection of the natural nail. With vitamins, it is delicate in dealing with the natural nail plate, while we ask to take into account its slightly less durability compared to our conventional base. Vitamin base makes the color of the nail stay for around 14 days.
  3.  Semilac Base Top / 2 in 1 - combines Semilac Base and  Semilac Top together so enables convenient application hybrid manicure. Base / Top 2 in 1 remains on the nails for 14 days. 


We recommend selecting the gel base, depending on your needs:

  • for maximum durability recommend classical base Semilac Base
  • for increased protection of the natural nail recommend base vitamin Semilac Vitamin Base
  • for convenient application and savings recommend Base / Top 2 in 1 Semilac Base Top.

    Are all Semilac Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polishes produce a dispersion layer after curing?

    All coatings except Semilac® 031 Color Black Diamond produce a dispersion layer after hardening (an adhesive layer to facilitate the merging together of the other products). Strong color 001 White produces minimal dispersion layer. No or minimal dispersion layer is caused by a very high pigmentation of the above colors.


    Do Semilac Products been tested on animals?

    Our cosmetics in accordance with EU Directive 2003/15 / EC, have not been tested on animals.

    Semilac gel/hybrid products are not an antiallergic products.


    Curing time for Semilac products

    Curing time for Semilac products depends on the power of the lamp:

    Semilac Soak Off Gel/Hybrid Nail Polishes Curing Time

    Do Semilac gel/hybrid nail polishes can change the tone?

    Semilac gel/hybrid nail polishes cure when exposed to UV light, so they are very sensitive to its effects. If the hybrid manicure will eg. A very long time exposed to UV radiation, we can see a slight change in color and is a completely natural process. Manicure hybrid is sensitive to detergents, color cosmetics, inks, paints, etc. Particular caution should be in contact with such products because it can result in a change of hue manicure in the form of unsightly streaks or stains.


    What properties have the products Semi Hardi?

    Semi Hardi is a line of building hybrid coatings properties softgel that is appropriate for weak and damaged nail plate. It can be used to extend and add the nail plate. The flexibility of the gel, longer nails are more resistant to mechanical damage.

    Semi Hardi is sensitive to changes in temperature, color cosmetics and various kinds of detergents. At higher temperatures (eg. During a hot bath or while working with gloves), we observed a greater flexibility of this product. Be very careful and then wait for the product to return to their properties.

    Semi Hardi has a thicker consistency than Semilac gel/hybrid nail polishes by what may be faster dissection, especially when standing unused for some time. In this case, it slowly and mix thoroughly to return to its original consistency.


    In line Semi Hardi there are four colors:

    • Semi Hardi® Clear - colorless gel polish properties that builds softgel. Ideal for use in a weak plate. It can be used to extend the nail plate.
    • Semi Hardi® Milk - pink/milk, building gel/hybrid polish, ideally suited as a primer for pastel colors and neon, strengthening their saturation. Perfect texture makes the gel/hybrid polish very malleable, which allows you to control the entire application process.
    • Semi Hardi® Rosa - transparent lacquer pink shades with the same properties as the other products in this series. Perfect for french manicure.
    • Semi Hardi® White building gel/hybrid polish of white and intense color, perfectly enhance the saturation of colors successively superimposed layers. It can also create a white line in styling french. Plastic consistency for easy application.

      What to claims management?

      In accordance with applicable law, advertise products that are not in accordance with the contract or order:

      • products damaged, clearly showing
      • expired products
      • products not complying with the order

      Claims management does not cover:

      • goods already used 
      • adverse reactions to the ingredients of the products are issues of individual and dependent genetic and environmental factors.

      Is Semilac works / it is compatible with products from other companies?

      To achieve the perfect manicure manufacturer recommends to use Semilac gel/hybrid nail polishes with the company's base and top, which are fully compatible with lacquer Semilac. We do not know the composition of the base and the masthead of other companies, so we can not guarantee a perfect final result and seamless applications for their use.


      What could be causing wrinkling, go paint?

      The causes of such problems may be few. It is important to properly prepare the nail plate to complete manicure. Nail plate must be abraded and well degreased. We recommend the application of thin layers of each product Semilac: base, color and top. It should be applied carefully and avoid flooding on skin. It is worth remembering that exactly cover the base color and the free edge of the nail. In the case of very high pigment content colors (Semilac 001, 031, 016,151) applying a layer of color must be really thin - better to apply two thin coats rather than one thick and they may be cured for longer period of time.

      Another reason for the above-mentioned problems may be inappropriate storage of paint - we recommend storing it at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and away from the UV lamp during a gel/hybrid manicure.


       Which colors are best suited for French coat?

      The classic French's recommended colors: 050, 051.052, 053, 002 (pink, transparent colors) and 054 (slightly peach transparent). You can also try solid colors like 032 Biscuit.


      What it means that the color is transparent and which colors Semilac these are?

      Transparent colors are different colors slightly translucent, which do not give the full covering of the nail plate. In our range of colors transparent colors are: 002 Delicate French, 050 French Vanilla, 051French Beige Milk, 052 Pink Opal, 053 French Pink Milk, 054 Pale Peach Glow, 072 Caribbean Sky 091 Glitter Milk, 092 Shimmering White, 101 Juicy Peach.


      What is it and how to use STRIPER? 

      Striper used to pull the paint hybrid Semilac. It is a great alternative to the pusher and wooden sticks, because it is very light, easy to use and safe for our skin and nail plate.


      As far as the application lasts one bottle of Semilac gel/hybrid?

      One bottle of paint Semilac with a capacity of 7 ml is enough for about 10 sets.


      If I lay a Semilac base on nails can I paint them with regular nail polish or it must be a gel/hybrid?

      After applying the base Semilac use a gel/hybrid paint, which will increase the life of a manicure. The manufacturer does not guarantee in case of database applications and plain paint.  


      How long does it take nail extensions with Hard?

      The whole process of nail Semilac Hard is dependent on the skills of extension nails. The average time extension is approx. 45 minutes.