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193 VIOLINK - Slowianka Nail Trends Water Color Nail Polish "INK" Collection


Violink 193 8g

The Violet ViolInk 193 watercolor looks great in combination with pastel shades of gel polishes, including white, ecru, cream or beige.

Ink Collection is created for fans of watercolors, which will allow you to return to childhood. This product is watercolor inks for styling nails made in the technique of Watercolors. The colors will allow you to make quick and effective decorations. Another great advantage is the performance of the product itself.

  • Product from a mixture of pigment and alcohol
  • Very liquid consistency, be careful not to spill it
  • Very highly pigmented - it is difficult to clean a stained surface with the product
  • Very economical: you can place a few drops in a small capsule and let it air dry (it will evaporate), which will give way to a watercolor-type product - to moisten it again, put a small drop of ThinnerInk (associated thinner)
  • The most appropriate background to make nail art with this product will be: white, pastel, or any very light color
  • Easy work, the product is suitable for very fine lines
  • Be sure to close the bottle with great precision after using it (so that it does not evaporate) and shake the bottle before using
  • The product that does not have a strong or aggressive smell

There are many ways to use ink watercolors, depending on the type of decoration we want to make. We can go with various stain-like patterns, marble decorations imitating precious stones, a classic or expressive floral option. 

Rules for correct application of inks: 

  • background for ink decorations must be white or pastel;

  • the Velvet Coat top from Slowianka Nail Trends is the only appropriate base for watercolor decorations - it is matte and has the right structure for inks, thanks to which the ink blurs nicely and leaves the pigment in the designated area;

  • with cured Velvet top (90 seconds in a 48-WATT LED lamp), gently wipe the surface of the nails with a cleaner, give it a moment to evaporate and only then start painting with watercolors;

  • when making a marble decoration, apply the product directly from the bottle with a brush; place drops on a nail in different spots, wait until the product dries, then apply more drops to create additional blurs and decorations;

  • in order to create additional fuzzy spots on the nails, use transparent Thinnerink 199 from Slowianka Nail Trends (a special liquid for dissolving ink);

  • after evaporating Thinnerink 199, polish the nails with a top coat with effects or a classic Top Coat No Wipe from Slowianka Nail Trends;

  • cure the top according to the manufacturer's instructions. 


Ethanol, Ethyl Acetate, Pigment

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