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504 Magenta Mood Semilac By Maxineczka "Purple Mania" - Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish


504 Magenta Mood Semilac By Maxineczka "Purple Mania" - Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish.

A very elegant, deep shade of melange saturated with fuchsia and violet. This hybrid varnish chosen by Maxineczka most often steals the hearts of violet girls. I do not need any additional styling to guarantee the WOW effect. Color coverage - full.

Purple nail polish - magenta always included!

Purple nail polish has many faces. What do we value him for? First of all, for the amazing ability to adapt to the circumstances - it is suitable for practically any occasion. In one installment, however, we like him eminently. It's a deep shade of Magenta! Maxineczka probably also has a weakness for him - this proposal has been included in her star collection Semilac Purple Mania!

 Violet nail polishes - Maxineczka recommends!

Purple nail polish is worth having in your home collection. It works in a unique manicure without decoration and more sophisticated styling. On its basis you can create interesting patterns on the nails. It is also a good background for decorated decorations. The possibilities of its use are huge!

Purple nail polish can be successfully worn for work, for a date or a more festive party. It all depends only on how we want to decorate it. Violet varnish looks beautiful in combination with particles. Maxineczka recommends purple nail polish Semilac Magenta Mood 504 with the glow of Semilac Amazing Amethyst 501 - it's always a proven solution!

 Purple nail polish - inspirations

Do you like purple nail polish? Inspirations will therefore be for you a good source of the concept of fresh stylizations that you have not yet had on your nails! How about bolder contrasts? We are so! Perhaps the black hybrid varnish Semilac Black Diamond 031 in combination with purple and white? It sounds good!

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