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507 Crispy Cookie Semilac By Stylizacje "Nails On Fleek" - Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish


507 Crispy Cookie Semilac By Stylizacje "Nails On Fleek" - Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish

A very light shade of gray with a subtle hint of pink in the background. This is one of the more subdued proposals from the Nails on Fleek collection. This color of Semilac hybrid varnish can be easily combined with the more pronounced colors from the star collection. Color coverage - full.

Gray hybrid paint - choose the star-studded version!

Gray hybrid paint is worth having in your collection - it works for many occasions. Embedded in everyday life and more festive. We, however, exceptionally propose its more stellar version - after all, we are talking about a colorful proposal from the Semilac Nails On Fleek collection!

Gray varnish Semilac Crispy Cookie 507 - until eaten!

Semilac Gray lacquer from the Nails On Fleek collection is so beautiful that it drips almost at the sight of it :) It is classic, dignified, but you can not say that it was haughty. Certainly characteristic and enriched with coquettish colors of delicate pink in the background. It's the perfect combination of children's charm and feminine power!

Gray lacquer Semilac you can take with you on a date or gala. Will work on the red carpet and during ... receiving a bouquet of red roses! There is nothing to hide - the gray varnish Semilac will also be a perfect complement to your morning styling - to casual pajamas - as he found!

Gray matte nail polish - when you like classics in a modern form

There are things that never go out of fashion. Some of them include our gray nail polish. However, there are moments when we want to give it a bit of modern elegance. Then the option gray matte nail polish will be a hit! Elegant, classy ... different!

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