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511 Insomnia Semilac By Honorata Skarbek "Nailstagram" - Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish


511 Insomnia Semilac By Honorata Skarbek "Nailstagram" - Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish

An elegant combination of very light beige with an equally delicate color of early heather. This color of Semilac hybrid varnish will be perfect for clever combinations or a satisfying solo performance. Color coverage - full.

Beige hybrid paint with a star shine!

Beige hybrid paint is a classic of the genre, which is hard not to have in your collection! It works for any occasion and ideally suits the circumstances. Beige hybrid paint gives you a million ways to find a sophisticated look that will never go out of style. We also propose to enrich it with a star-shaped glitter!

Beige varnish Semilac 511 Insomnia - a bit of delicacy from Honorata Skarbek!

Stars love Semilac. Honorata Skarbek has created with us a unique collection of hybrid Nailstagram varnish, which encloses 5 interesting proposals. One of them is the Semilac 511 Insomnia beige hybrid coat. We are convinced that more than one man will pass a sleepless night after stopping his gaze on the nails decorated with this color!

Her strong side? The strength of character while being open to combining with other colors. Also those from the Nailstagram collection and others from the rich Semilac portfolio. Beige hybrid varnish should also be enriched with particles - this is a way to a more festive version of manicure with its use.

Every day and from holidays? Beige nail polish!

Beige nail polish has many followers. Even if it is not our favorite color of hybrid varnish - we can mention even one situation in which beige varnish saved our stylization! It is good for everyday circumstances as well as more festive occasions. It all depends on decorating!

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