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514 Puzzle Semilac By Honorata Skarbek "Nailstagram" - Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish


514 Puzzle Semilac By Honorata Skarbek "Nailstagram" - Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish

Elegant, heavily whitened brown with a subtle hint of gray in the background. The color of hybrid varnish from the Honorata Skarbek collection really likes colorful company - especially the lighter colors, which add style and character. Color coverage - full.

Brown hybrid nails - let them become your idol!

Brown hybrid nails tempt with uniqueness - you have to have a lot of courage and openness to the unobvious ones to decide on it. Brown nails are foreign to you? It's great! Brown nail polish from the Nailstagram collection is recommended for colorful attempts to use in manicure!

Brown nails - patterns will add charm to them!

Brown nails created on the basis of Semilac 514 Puzzle varnish will attract attention with a clear color. They can be freely combined with the majority of colors from our palette, maintained in similar tones. This brown hybrid varnish also feels great in the company of colorful colleagues from the Nailstagram set.

It can not be concealed, however, that brown nails look quite nicely decorated by patterns. You can replace brown nails with one of our jewelry lacquers or simply add charm to them with a black hybrid lacquer. Or maybe ... white? There are really many possibilities - choose the best one for yourself!

Brown nail polish - perfect for fall!

Brown nail polish celebrates triumph especially in the autumn and winter season. And the one who ascribes to him a sad expression is wrong. Oh no! Brown nail polish is the perfect foundation for decorated decorations - paint the flowers of the night! This is a guarantee of curling the clear color of their delicate petals!

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