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526 TEAL - Semilac Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish - "Legendary Six" Collection


526 TEAL - Semilac Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish - "Legendary Six" Collection

Semilac Legendary Six Teal 526 - an intriguing shade of the marine abyss that symbolically highlights your mystery. If you dress your femininity in tempting understatements, and everyday life in all sorts of non-obvious things - this maritime color of hybrid varnish Semilac from the Legendary Six collection will meet your approval. Wear it on your nails to strengthen the desire to go behind your scenes of your personality.

Maritime nail varnish Semilac - when you value sophisticated solutions

Maritime nail varnish Semilac is one of the leading proposals from the latest Legendary Six collection. Semilac recommends this offer to women who value tempting understatements. It is the power of symbolism, the power of intriguing nuances and mature choices. Maritime nail polish Semilac will captivate you with the depth of color and will be the best invitation to get to know each other!

The sea color of nail polish - only for a real star

The latest collection of hybrid varnishes Semilac created in 6 timeless, classic proposals. When creating this set, Semilac refined every detail. You can be sure that by reaching for Semilac Legendary Six hybrid varnishes you will emphasize your femininity, but also the strength of independence and the courage to pursue your dreams.

The sea color of nail polish is the epitome of the mystery that lies inside you, which tempts and encourages you to discover secrets. Semilac Legendary Six Teal 526 is a mature color that will appeal to fans of an ambiguous manicure, which additionally gains on closer acquaintance.

Maritime nail varnish Semilac - patterns create brocade hybrid varnish!

Maritime nail varnish Semilac can boast of a sophisticated color that guarantees an elegant and sophisticated styling. However, if you fancy additional decorations, we recommend hybrid varnishes with Semilac Platinum brocade. It's the power of a unique speck that blends beautifull dreams! Semilac recommends their joint statement - this is the hit of the season!

SEMILAC® hybrid nail polish 7ml combines gel UV and nail polish properties.
High-technology production, specially selected and prepared pigments make SEMILAC hybrids top one quality off all hybrid products on cosmetics market.
The second layer enhance the hybrid color depth.



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