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693 Semilac Acrylic Powder White


Semilac White Acrylic Powder 693 10g – your new nail powder!

Semilac Acrylic Powder White 693 is a white powder, which helps create exceptional nail art. It enhances structural elements and creates a matte finish on your manicure. Semilac Acrylic Powder White lightens the basic color by 2–3 tones. Semilac acrylic powder can be applied without special tools – it’s easy! Semilac acrylic powders create a sea of possibilities for your nail art. It’s a matte finish, color enhancement, or highlight of the structural decoration on your nails. In a word – everything! Experiment, discover, and choose the most appropriate options for yourself. Semilac acrylic powders will be a perfect companion in this journey!


Sprinkle the Semilac acrylic nail powder onto the nail plate (over a wet, non-cured product or dispersion layer).

a) After standard nail plate prep before manicure, apply the best Semilac UV gel base coat and cure it under a lamp.

b) Choose one colour Semilac UV gel polish or Semilac gel, apply a thin layer and cure it under a lamp. Repeat this step to achieve a more intense colour.

c) Secure the manicure with one of the Semilac Top coats (Semilac Top No Wipe or a different top coat, wiped with Semilac Nail Cleaner after curing).

- Once your base is ready, cured and cleared of dispersion layer, create nail art using Semilac White Cream Art or a different gel, sprinkle the Semilac Acrylic Powder over a non-cured product and cure it under a lamp. This helps create a matte, velvety, structural nail art. You should not secure this type of nail art with Semilac Top or cure it again under a lamp.

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