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805 GLITTER DIRTY NUDE ROSE - Semilac Extend 5in1 Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish


805 GLITTER DIRTY NUDE ROSE - Semilac Extend 5in1 Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish

Semilac EXTEND 5IN1 is an innovative hybrid / gel nail polish that contains the 5 desirable properties. It is BASE, COLOR and TOP in ONE! In addition, it gives you the opportunity to BUILD UP your nail plate and EXTEND it up to 1 cm!

Semilac Extend 5in1 Soft Beige 801 (light beige shade) and Semilac Extend 5in1 Dirty Nude Rose 802 (rosy tone of dirty pink), 803 Delicate Pink, 804 Glitter Soft Beige, 805 Glitter Dirty Nude Rose, 806 Glitter Delicate Pink, 809 Tender Pink and 810 Casual Beige.

The product is characterized by a dense consistency and hard structure with high elasticity at the same time. In addition, it has self-leveling properties and allows you to build, align and extend the nail plate.


The application of Semilac Extend 5in1 is easy and pleasant - it will not be a problem even for people just starting their adventure with nail styling. Depending on the effect we want to achieve, the application looks as follows:

When using Semilac Extend 5in1 as one product with 5 properties:

  1. Prepare a nail and degrease it with Nail Cleaner or alcohol.
  2. Apply one coat of Semilac Extend 5in1 the color of your choice directly to the plate. The thickness of the layer depends on the desired effect - in order to build up or extend the nail on the template, apply a layer amount of the product and cure each layer in the lamp. Due to the relatively large pigmentation of the product, the layers should not be too thick, and the cure time should be about twice as long as usually.
  3. Product should be cured in Lamp.
  4. At the end, degrease manicure with Nail Cleaner or alcohol to remove the dispersion layer. Styling in a fashionable business color is ready!

Curing Time:

LED 3W lamp - 60 sec. / 3 x 60 sec.

LED 6W Lamp - 60 sec. / 3 x 45 sec.

LED 9W Lamp - 60 sec. / 2 x 60 sec.

LED UV 24W - 60 sec. / 2 x 60 sec.

LED 36W - 30 sec. / 2 x 30 sec.

LED 24/48W - 60 sec. / 2 x 30 sec.

UV 36W Lamp - 180 sec.

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