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Slowianka Nail Trends USA

SPRINKLES TOP COAT NO WIPE - Slowianka Nail Trends Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish 10ML


No Wipe Sprinkles Top Coat 10ml

A top that guarantees long-lasting sheen, the durability of styling, and a fantastic effect, thanks to thin strips of foil contained within and painted on both sides, they shimmer beautifully with different colors, creating a fabulous look on the nails, especially in sweet stylings. Sprinkles Top No Wipe from Slowianka Nail Trendsis are extraordinarily durable and resistant to mechanical damage—a great way to finish a nail styling. 

  • thin consistency, yet absolutely NO flooding;

  • easy to work with, thanks to average leveling;

  • no unnecessary bulk was added to the nails;

  • effect of an intense gloss that lasts up to 5 weeks;

  • high durability of the product, no rubbing off on nail tips;

  • no inhibition layer formed after curing;

  • saturation with hexagonal, multicolored particles dyed on both sides;

  • easy and smooth filing without drill clogging;

  • low UV block;

  • apply a thin layer of the product on color gel polish, acrygel, or acrylic;

  • cure in a lamp (curing duration depends on the lamp type);

  • do not touch the surface of the nails for about 4 seconds after removal from the lamp - the top has to glaze;

  • looks beautiful covered with a matte Velvet Top Coat from Slowianka Nail Trends. 


Aliphatic Urethane Acrylate, Hydroxypropyl Methacrylate, Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Ethyl Trimethylbenzoyl Phenylphosphinate, Acrylates Copolymer, Dimethicone, Styrene/Acrylate Copolymer

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