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692 Semilac Acrylic Powder Clear


Semilac Acrylic Powder Clear 692 10g– acrylic powder for Semilac UV Hybrids and gels that allows you to dress your nail art with many unique effects! You can apply it on your favorite colors of Semilac gels or Semilac White Cream Art obtaining a matte effect and color enhancement while the base color remains the same.

 Nail powders – application step-by-step

Do you wonder how to apply acrylic powders? Semilac answers! The acrylic powder should be applied on a nail plate (on a wet product that hasn’t yet been cured or on the dispersion layer).

a) After a standard preparation of the nail plate for a manicure, apply any Semilac hybrid base and cure it in the lamp

b) Choose one of Semilac's UV hybrids or gels, apply a thin layer and cure it in the lamp. If you need a deeper color, repeat this step.

c) Protect your manicure with a Semilac Top (Semilac Top No Wipe or any other top cleaned after curing with Semilac Nail Cleaner or 70% alcohol)

d) When the nail plate is already prepared following the above steps, you can make a decoration with Semilac White Cream Art or any other gel, then apply Semilac Acrylic Powder and cure it in the lamp. This way you will get a matte, velvety structural decoration that shouldn’t be protected with any top and cured again in the lamp.


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