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658 - HOLO INSTINCT Semilac Flash Holo Effect Dust


658 - HOLO INSTINCT Semilac Flash Holo Effect Dust

Holo Effect Dust - holographic effect obtained through billions of tiny particles. Ensures the flash in rainbow issue and heighten the Holo effect!

This is a unique weapon that with skillful use will make your life rich in color! Characteristic of SemiFlash Holo Instinct is the holographic effect obtained thanks to billions of tiny particles. Shine in the rainbow edition and show your Holo!

Admiration guaranteed!

SemiFlash Application – it is so easy!

1. Create a standard hybrid manicure Semilac Base -> 2x Color -> Top No Wipe or Base-> 2x 031 Black Diamond (Black Diamond doesn't leave dispersion layer)

2. On top of a cured Top No Wipe or 031 delicately rub the dust with an applicator.

3. Use a soft bristle brush to remove excess dust.

4. Apply two layers of Top No Wipe again and cure each layer under a lamp.

*When applying SemiFlash it is especially important to cap the free edge of the nail.


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