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Semilac bits allow you to prepare the nail plate for classic, gel polish, or gel manicure. You will take care of your cuticles, remove rough skin, clean and smooth the plate and remove gel or gel polish manicure.

Professional Carbide Sharp Cone Shaped Nail Drill 011 with specific end shape and very long life. Despite sterilization, it maintains its properties for many months of work. Thanks to the specific shape of the cuts it allows:

  • ideally remove 100% epithelium in a completely non-invasive way - no grams of activity on the nail plate. DO NOT MATTER HERE IN WORK. Thanks to this work is much cleaner - and therefore faster.
  • ideally we remove the epithelium and imperfections on the proximal and lateral folds at the lowest possible speed (1-5.000 revolutions). Thanks to this work is absolutely non-invasive.
  • Nail Drill 011 Semilac perfectly remove the epithelium from the nail at a very fast rate: 10-20 seconds for the nail
  • great to cut cornea (also at low speed (4-6.000)
  • excludes empty runs and shortens work time due to two-sided movements
  • sharp and thin finish makes it ideally suited for combination manicure and deep gel manicure.

 IMPORTANT! When disinfecting, strictly follow the preparation instructions for the selected preparation! Failure to follow the rules of correct preparation, exposure time, temperature, and concentration may cause corrosion and loss of nail drill bit properties. For tools that are rusty or showing signs of corrosion, you have to fully remove the rust before disinfecting.

  • After the disinfection procedure, it is necessary to rinse the instruments with clean water to remove any residual disinfectant solution. After rinsing, the instruments must be fully dried, e.g. with a dust-free towel, and then the moving parts should be lubricated with medical paraffin. Metal tools are suitable for high-temperature sterilization in a Type B autoclave.

    Instruments should be sterilized in a sterile barrier (paper-foil bags or sleeves) to maintain sterility after sterilization and to keep them safe. The tools should be sterilized only in perfect working autoclaves with a valid inspection and only with the use of demineralized or distilled water of the purity specified by the autoclave manufacturer. The use of poor-quality water may cause corrosion and damage the tool.

    We do not recommend the use of ball sterilizers. This can cause mechanical damage and the lack of sterility of the tools. Improper cleaning or disinfection of instruments after use, or the omission of one of the steps, significantly reduces the effectiveness of sterilization and can cause corrosion.

    It is important to:

    ● Use personal protective equipment (headgear, mask, long rubber gloves, waterproof apron);

    ● Do not use brass/copper brushes or metal cleaning sponges etc.

    ● Do not use alcohol-based solutions

    ● The temperature of the disinfecting solution should not exceed 40C

    ● Do not use chlorinated water to prepare a disinfectant solution or to rinse instruments

    The Semilac brand is not responsible for damage to the tools as a result of non-compliance with the rules of disinfection and sterilization. The corrosion resistance of steel is maintained by the tools only when all the rules and instructions are followed, as well as with the use of high-quality and certified cleaning and disinfection agents. The instructions and procedures attached to the disinfectants and sterilizing devices must be strictly followed.

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