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512 LalaLove Semilac By Honorata Skarbek "Nailstagram" - Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish


512 LalaLove Semilac By Honorata Skarbek "Nailstagram" - Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polish

Very light, pastel pink with a slightly warm shade. This is a tasteful proposition for female fans of elegant stylizations with a girlish charm. The roses will be found in virtually all circumstances - business and private. Color coverage - full.

Pink nail polish - star light version

Pink nail polish has many faces. One of them is a light and very sweet version, which was proposed in her set Nailstagram Honorata Skarbek. The hybrid varnish of this color composition is definitely the girlish and infantile one. He likes company, although he can perform in a satisfying solo version.

Pink hybrid lacquer Semilac 512 Lalalove - because it counts the love from the first paint!

Pink hybrid lacquer Semilac 512 Lalalove is one of those players who puts on the blades already at the first application. Of course in the positive sense of the word! This pink varnish from the Honorata Skarbek collection is delicate but not obvious. Tempting, but characteristic. It's a wonderful combination of extremes, in which it's hard to get down on your first painting!

You do not believe? And good - because you do not have to. Simply reach for this pink hybrid lacquer and create a manicure on it. It can be a decoration of everyday styling or emphasizing your look at the big exit. It works - for every occasion!

Semilac pink nails - what do you say about sophisticated designs?

Pink nails Semilac is a proven and safe option. If you are going for a manicure and you have no idea - pink nails hit the point! And if you want more - Semilac pink nails you can additionally decorate with a sophisticated pattern. This pink varnish will like other subdued colors or more glistening suggestions!

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