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Semi Art UV Gel - 002 White - SemilacUSA

Semi Art UV Gel - 002 White


SemiArt - a series of very highly pigmented gels for the nail art.

12 highly saturated colors, therefore not recommended for independent application. The gels should be used together with auxiliary products: hybrid nail polish, colored gels, White Cream Art or Semi Hardi nail polish.

When combined with one of these products, the consistency of an acrylic or watercolor paint is obtained.

After mixing with the Semi Hardi Clear, the gels are ideally suited for the production of "glass windows" and "color clear" nails (the effect of colored glass).

When mixing SemiArt with the White Cream Art you get a product that is best suited for shading, flower decoration etc.

The product is very productive. Even a small quantity is sufficient.

Recommended curing times after connection with an auxiliary product:

UV Led 36W - 30sec, UV 36W - 3min, UV Led 6W - 1.45min.

5 ml.

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