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COLOR BLOCKING! - New Manicure Trend

In the last year Semilac proposed manicure styling, which they called MONOCHROME. Monochrome consist of using one color and presenting it in different shades. At the moment it is a very popular method in nail art.


Picture from left: 1) 009 Baby Girl, 010 Pink & Violet, 012 Pink Cherry, 089 Black Plum, 030 Dark Chockolate

2) 007 Pink Rock, 060 Bubblegum Pink, 056 Pink Smile, 157 Little Rosie, Top Mat Total


Picture from left: 1) 147 Violet In The Dark, 178 Delicious Cha-Cha, 177 Velvet Disco, 093 Silver Dust (tutorial: )

2) 017 Grey, 097 Indian Roses, 135 Frappe, 162 Creamy Cookie, 155 Ivory Cream


This year Semilac is promoting COLOR BLOCKING, which is number one in the fashion world in 2017.



 COLOR BLOCKING is a combination of colors, which seemingly does not fit into one another at all - contrast colors, mostly strongly saturated. Colors that are opposites on the color weel and pairing them together to make interesting and complementary color combinations. It is commonly associated if fashion as a trend that originated from the artwork of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. Color Blocking is a trend for energetic woman, loving fashion and colors. The combination of contrasting colors is perfect way to finally say goodbye to winter mood. We leave grays and "heavy" tones because Spring climates awaken strong colors.


Picture from left: 1) 176 Almond Butter, 183 Grey Pepper, 186 Kaymak Sweet              

2) 125 Swan Lake, 008 Intensive Pink, 034 Madri Grass, 041 Caribbean Green,          156 Racing Car, Semi Hardi White


Picture from left: 1) 007 Pink Rock, 023 Banana, 000 Lazure Dream, 184 Tiagiatelle                                      Tuscany, 049 True Pink, 183 Grey Pepper                                                                         2) 034 Madri Grass, 003 Sweet Pink, 131 Lovely Mickey, 001 Strong White, 040 Canary Green, 045 Electric Orange


Picture from left: 1) 089 Black Plum and Semi Art:001, 006, 007, 011, 012                        2) 001 Strong White, 129 Violet Bliss, 145 Lila Story, 147 Violet In The Dark

COLOR BLOCKING trend encourages you to express yourself through very vivid and shocking color combinations that reflect the power of the female character.

During one of the SEMI - TV Series, Joanna Janicka - Darol (Semilac New Trend Manager) and Paulina Piatek (Semilac PR Manager) reviewed the world's trends in fashion and manicure. They also introduced you to the Color Blocking Trend, and showed what colors will be must have this spring.

Watch here:

 Depending on your skills, desire and time, each of us can paint Color Blocking Manicure. There are no restrictions. We can combine pink with red, blue with orange or purple with green. The more the better!

Especially with "the more" for the Semilac brand will not be a problem. Recently, a new, quite tasty collection of colors "FLAVOURS" has been added to the Semilac color range and it is perfectly suited to Color Blocking nail art.


Watch tutorials on YouTube:



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