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Semilac "HARDI" Collection

Semilac HARDI is a line of building soft gel Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Polishes that is appropriate for week and damaged nail plate. It can be used to extend and add the nail plate.

Semilac Hardi is a great alternative to traditional gel. Works great if you need to repair or extend only one or few of your nails. Hard is a good solution when you are going on the trip or party.

You can also use Semi Hardi to strengthen your nails without the extension so you can enjoy beautiful and resistant to breaking nails.


In Line Semi Hardi there are four colors:

SEMI HARDI CLEAR - colorless soft gel polish ideal for use in a week plate. It can be used to extend the nail plate.

SEMI HARDI MILK - pink/milk soft gel that is ideally suited as a primer for pastel and neon colors. Perfect texture makes the gel / hybrid nail polish very malleable, which allows you to control the entire application process.

SEMI HARDI ROSA - transparent pink soft gel with the same properties as the other products in this series. Perfect for french manicure.

SEMI HARDI WHITE - the white soft gel perfectly enhance the saturation of neon & pastel colors. It can also create a white line in styling french smile line. Plastic consistency for easy application.


The manufacturer guarantees a 3 mm extension but we see all over the internet that 1 cm is also doing great. Remember Hard is not a hard gel. It is more soft and flexible on the nails than hard gel. It is also sensitive to changes in temperature, color cosmetics and various kind of detergents.

Semi Hardi has a thicker consistency than Semilac gel / hybrid Nail Polishes by what may be faster dissection, especially when standing unused for some time. In this case just roll it slowly and mix thoroughly to return to its original consistency.

Hard soft gels obviously differ in color. When choosing, consider what you would like to do next with your nails. If you want to paint them in neon or pastel colors for summer, you should choose Hardi Milk or Hardi White because they are going to perfectly strengthening their saturation.

In case of French Manicure choose Hardi Rosa and for smile line Hardi White.

Go for Hardi Clear if you are more experience with building gel on the nail form because it is the thinnest soft gel in consistency. We recommend to beginners to choose Hardi Milk which is definitely thicker and it has color so it is easier to work with it.



You can paint classic nail polish over cured and cleaned Hardi. And if you are going to remove the color with no acetone nail polish remover you can change the color even a few times :)



You will need:

  • UV / Led Lamp
  • Nail Files
  • Nail Forms (only if you are extending your nails), HARDI SHAPER SLIM (The template for nails allows you to give your nails a slim finish) or WIDE (The template for nails allows you to give your nails a round finish).

  • Soft Brush
  • Semilac Lint Free Cotton Pads (Cotton pads are made of cellulose and do not leave any pollen. Recommended to clean the UV mass and removing nail polish).
  • Nail Cleaner or Alcohol minimum 70%
  • Acid Free Primer (Non-Acid Primer  is a top quality liquid to etch the nail plate and ensure strong coat adhesion).
  • Semilac Base (we recommend for best result regular Semilac Base)
  • Semilac Hardi of your choice
  • Semilac Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Color of your choice
  • Semilac Top of your choice


Product UV 36 W LED 6W LED 24/36W
Base 2 min 45 sec 20 sec
Color* 2 min 45 sec 30 sec
Hardi 2 min 60 sec 30 sec
Top 4 min 2X45 sec 30 sec

* Colors 001, 016, 031, 149, 150, 151,180, 181, 186 cure X 2.

Please paint thin coats. To make sure the product is cured you may extend curing time for better result.


  1. Prepare nails - push back cuticles, shape and gently buff nails then clean up with nail cleaner.
  2. Apply Semilac Acid Free Primer and let it air dry. Primer is a high quality liquid which increases the adhesion of layers applied on the nail. It can be used under Semilac soak off gels / hybrids as well as under UV Gels.
  3. Apply Semilac Base and cure.
  4. If you are extending the nail plate insert the Nail Form under your nail plate free edge. In Semilac offer you can find: SEMI HARDI SHAPER SLIM The template for nails allows you to give your nails a slim finish and SEMI HARDI SHAPER WIDE The template for nails allows you to give your nails a round or square finish.
  5. Apply first layer of Semi Hardi and cure.
  6. Gently remove nail forms and apply second layer of Hardi and cure (if you are going to feel more secure you can remove the nail forms after second layer).
  7. If you need it you can apply one more layer of Semi Hardi, or degrees nails with nail cleaner and shape them with nail file to achieve perfect shape.
  8. Clean up nails with soft brush and nail cleaner and apply 2 coats of Semilac Soak Off Gel / Hybrid Nail Color of your choice. Cure each coat.
  9. Apply Semilac Top Coat of your choice and cure.
  10. Degrees nails with Nail Cleanser and finish your manicure with Semilac Cuticle Oil of your choice.



We will need:

  • Semilac Nail Buffer (Quadliteral, white sanding block with a fine-grained surface. Mainly designed to matt the nail plate. Polishing block Semilac is made from the highest quality raw materials for professional nails styling)
    or Semilac Nail File 100/180 choose:

STRAIGHT (Double-sided nail file with medium-gradation. It has two sides: one with gradation 180, and second with gradation 100. Straight shape of the nail file belong to the most common shapes because of its versatility. Great for natural and extended nails).

 BANANA (Nail file with specially curved shape. Thanks to that it is possible to reach to difficult places at the edges of the nail plate. It helps modeling the shape of nail plate and also it helps to eliminate cuticles damages. It has two sides: one with gradation 180 and second with gradation 100).

 HARBOR BRIDGE (Specially profiled nail file combing two shapes: one straight allowing you to model the nail plate and second one round perfect to finish modeling the nail plate. File with gradation 100/180. Nail file has medium-gradation).

  • Semilac Remover Wraps (Aluminium foils with cotton pad are perfect for removing gel/hybrid manicure) or aluminium foils plus cotton pads.

  • Semilac Clips (Versatile and convenient nail clips for removing gel/hybrid nail polish. They allow you to press a soaked cotton pad evenly. For multiple use).

  • Gel/hybrid Remover or Acetone
  • Semilac Pusher (a tool for pushing back cuticles and removing gel/hybrid nail polish, which is made of high quality surgical stainless steel. Practical, convenient and easy to clean) or

Semilac Srtiper (Striper is an alternative for cuticle sticks. It allows to remove the remains of gel/hybrid product with narrow end. It is lightweight and comfortable to use and also safe for nail plate).


REMOVING GEL/HYBRID NAIL POLISH is really simple and does not require specialized instruments. Nor is it harmful for our nails, does not damage them in any way. First buff off top coat layer with buffing block then you can use Nail Soak-Off Gel Wraps or u can cut off little squares of aluminium foil and cotton balls, which must be soaked in  gel/hybrid remover or acetone, then carefully wrap each nail. After 10-15 minutes (sometimes longer)  you can gently take off the gel/hybrid with Semilac Striper or orange wood stick. You can also soak your nails in acetone without wrapping your nails.



     Watch tutorials on YouTube:

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    • Anne on

      If I want to strengthen the nails do I still put on the base coat OR just put hardi straight on nail and then put and top coat ?

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