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Semilac "MY STORY" Collection

"MY STORY" is a collection of colors, which you can tell every story.

Colors from this pallet are waking up memories from the past and they are the sign of the new, coming history of which you can tell about with Semilac colors.

Because it's your Story Collection...

18 new, totally coll Colors!!!  Four stories to tell about:

Oriental Style:

156 Racing Car Impossible to stop and unsurpassed in being spontaneous! Speed, power, noise. Sometimes everybody likes to go crazy and for such occasions we have prepared a great race color! Fancy go to your limits. Apply for a Racing Car and show it to others!

Description: Bright shade of yellow. Color coverage – full.


170 Pink Wink Playful and flirtatious look enchanted in pink girly setting. Youth – can anybody object it? Is there anybody who does not dream about it? Does anybody have the right to take it away from us? We do not think so. There is more! We want to keep it as long as possible that is why we offer strong pink for the glory of energy of the youth!
Description: Juicy shade of fuchsia with neon pink note in the background.
Color coverage – full.


158 Orient MandarinAsian dragons, red and orange were always in surroundings of Far East creating a glow of mystery. Warm colors for hundreds of years were inside of paper lanterns suspended over the streets of opium cities. From Shanghai to Beijing. Cities where one world ends and other begins.
Description: Juicy shade of ripe orange. Color coverage – full.


171 Porto Marine - Two people in love, taste of sea enchanted in mules with chips and waves breaking on concrete harbor coast. Holiday postcard enchanted in the images of Portuguese coast. Isn’t it beautiful to share love among the gifts of ocean?
Description: Saturated sapphire in cobalt shade. Color coverage – full.


Business Class:

157 Little Rosie - Milk mixed with rose petals and a bit of lavender. It simmers straight from the recipes of fairy tales. Each sip brings to mind a memory of summer romance with the dearest. There is no sweeter taste than true and pure feeling hidden inside ourselves.
Description: Elegant, whitened to maximum shade of pink lavender.
Color coverage – full.


155 Ivory Cream - The cradle of humanity filled with wisdom, patience and true respect. Africa is a continent filled with magic. You will find in its heart a king of space – an elephant with majestic tusks. Nobility enchanted in the color of ivory is a proposition for subtle highlight of own uniqueness.
Description: Elegant shade of ivory. Color coverage – full.

159 Yasmin Kiss -  A kiss given on the flower altar of woman’s eternalness. Close your eyes and let yourself be carried by the currents of eternal dance between woman and man. It is a beautiful game which finale is always surprising for both sides! Impossible to be bored with. Impossible to stop!
Description: Elegant, whitened to maximum jasmine shade with a note of pink in the background. Color coverage – full.


159 Yasmin Kiss           155 Ivory Cream    From left:159 Yasmin Kiss & 155 Ivory Cream

162 Creamy Cookie -  Delicious cream napoleon cake with a  note of sun in the background. Contrary to appearances napoleon did not take its name from Napoleon, but from Naples. Former land kingdoms of Naples are famous for fertile soils, which produce the best citrus juices in the world. That is what give the freshness and clarity of taste to the local creams.
Description: Elegant ecru shade in warm tones. Color coverage – full.


Romantic Style:

166 Crazy Flamingo -  Flamingos are crazy and this is not a joke! Although they are born grey, quickly they become pink. Even though they have two legs, often they stand on one. They are birds, but usually they wade in small lakes. Go figure!
Description: Warm shade of very juicy and energetic pink. Color coverage – full.


164 Pink Crystals - Hidden in north California mountain streams are a place of birth not only of gold. Brisk currents create also unparalleled in their intensity pink crystals. Nobody knows why they are colored like that. We suspect that is an ancient magic of mother nature.
Description: Light pink with pink crystals. Color coverage –  semi-transparent


Denim Style:

163 Your Angel -  Sometimes they are with trumpets of harps. They are slim or plump. Full of joy or sleeping. Laying down or capering everywhere, uncontrollable in their happiness. Hearing the organ they jump. Seeing rain they drive away the clouds. Who are they? Hearty angels of course! Description: Elegant, whitened to maximum shade of blue. Color coverage – full.


167 Surfer Wave - Tanned bodies on silver-blue surface of the water is a typical image for southern coast of Cyprus. Surfers are dancing in the waves like ballerinas on the operatic stage. Broken sea depth on the lips of waves is changing into a gentle mist swathed your cheeks.
Description: Elegant, light shade of blue with a note of grey in the background.
Color coverage – full.

165 Boyfriend Jeans - You dream of a rebel? Real bad boy? It is not easy to ensnare such a guy, but the spark in his eyes is worth it! How to recognize it? Of course by his washed jeans. Authentic style of thought players. Love spiced up with risk tastes at least interesting. :)
Description: Elegant shade of blue with a note of grey in the background.
Color coverage – full.

169 Baby Boy -  It is a boy! Blue hat perfect highlights what the most important is. As many times as you look at him, you will be moved by his innocence and purity. His eyes blue like the sky. Immaculate, with great but hidden potential. What will he be when he grow up? We will wait – we will see!
Description: Gently whitened light blue. Color coverage – full.


 167 Surfer Wave               165 Boyfriend Jeans                       169 Baby Boy

168  Fresh Pistachio Color coverage – full.


154 Salmon Dream - Color coverage – full.


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