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If the love of manicure and polishing your nails resides in your heart, then there is nothing worse than anything that ruins your nail polish. It’s such a frustrating feeling when you spend an hour or two to polish your nails only to know that it will remain for few hours. Having already known the situation for many times, many girls paint their nails keeping in mind that it will last a day or two. Is there any possible way using which we can retain the paint on our nails for few extra days so that the hard work that we do while painting our nails doesn’t go in vain?

Yes, there is a way, and to answer this question comprehensively, we have compiled a list of ten ways that will make sure that your manicure lasts longer than usual. If you are looking for nail paints, nail oils, and other nail related products of highest quality, you can explore these and many other products on Groupon, which you will get at discounted prices.

  1. Use White Vinegar to Clean Your Nails

Before you apply the base coat on your nails, it is better that you clean your nails first. In order to clean your nails, the best thing you can use is white vinegar. You can use white vinegar to remove dust and other particles from your nails. All you have to do is dip the cotton swab in white vinegar and clean your nails thoroughly. This won’t harm your nails in any way; instead, it will just remove natural oils or another buildup layer that can come in between your nail and the paint.

     2. Never Soak Nails Before You Paint Them

Many manicurists suggest that you should soak your nails in water before applying paint because it will soften the cuticles. The bad thing about soaking your nails in water is that your nails will retain water and it will cause them to expand. If you paint these nails, after some time the moisture will get less and less and your nails will shrink, and thus the nail polish coat that you applied on the wet nails will no longer fit your nails.

     3. Don’t Paint Your Cuticles

Most people paint the cuticles as well because they want to hide them, but you should know that this is not a good way. If you will paint your cuticles, the painted will be lifted and will result in chipping. Cutting your cuticles is also not an option. The best way to take care of your cuticles is to push them back, which you can do by using cuticle oil and a stick. The other way is that you use a pusher tool in order to avoid paint on your cuticles.

     4. Use Sticky Basecoat

If you want the polish on your nails last longer, you should apply a sticky base coat before you paint your nails. And since the polish is more likely to chip from the tips, you can add an extra layer of the basecoat on the upper part of your nail. This will make the polish more resilient.

     5. Eradicate Air Bubbles

Eradicating bubbles from the nail polish is one the most important things that you are supposed to do before applying it on your nails. Many people suggest that in order to eradicate bubbles, you should move the bottle up and down, but it’s better if you roll the polish in between your hands. If some bubbles are left in the nail polish, they will cause the nail polish to chip faster.

     6. Seal the Free Edge of Your Nails

As mentioned earlier, tips are the points where the paint is most likely to chip, and if you seal the tips, the paint will last much longer. The best way to seal the tips is that you apply the base coat as well as the subsequent paint on the tips of the nails as well. This way, you nails will be sealed completely.

     7.Dry Nails with Cool Air

Do not blow hot air from your mouth on the wet polished nails because it prevents polish from drying. The best way to dry your nail polish is by using a dryer by setting it on the cool fan. Another effective way to dry your nail polish is by dipping your nails in the cold water: it will also aid the drying process.

     8. Apply Topcoat Every Two to Three Days

If you want to retain the polish on your nail for maximum times, keep on applying a top coat every two to three days. It will strengthen the previous coat as well as it will enhance shine. It will also prevent the chipping – if there is any – of the previous coat.

     9. Use Mild Soap

When washing your hands use mild soap instead of hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizers, as well as soaps with too many detergents, are bad for the polish on your nails because they make your nails dry causing the paint to chip. The best way to wash your hands is by using that soap which doesn’t contain too many detergents.

     10.Apply Oil Daily

Do not forget to apply nail oil on a daily basis because if you don’t do it, the cuticles, as well as the nails, will dry out, and it may result in the chipping of the paint as well as your nails might break on the edges. Applying nail oil on your nails daily will keep your nails as well as polish healthy.

This guest post is written by Joe Cole, he works at Coupon Goo.


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