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Today we'll show you how to do gel/hybrid manicure. This is the method by which we obtain high durability, intense shine and strength. If you have a problem with chipping of nail polish, nail brittleness, and the luster is never as "wet" as if you wish to do so - absolutely must try this method. Feel free to follow step by step how to perform a gel/hybrid manicure.


  • UV lamp
  • buffing block 
  • nail cleaner
  • base coat
  • gel/hybrid color of your choice
  • top coat
  • cosmetic cotton pads 

Before we proceed to gel/hybrid manicure prepare your nails just like for regular manicure - file your nails and push back cuticles

The first step is to gently buff the nail plate with polishing block polishing the top layer of each nail, then wipe with nail cleaner. It is a step that will increase the life of the whole manicure. 
Now every nail paint with the base and cure under UV lamp. It is important to paint every nail very carefully, keeping in mind also the edges. Base should not touch the cuticles.

Curing time for Semilac products depends on the power of the lamp:

 LED lamp 6 UV lamp 36W LED lamp 36W
Semilac Base 45 sec. 2 min. 20 sec.
Semilac Color 45 sec. 2 min. 20 sec.
Semilac Color - 001,016,031,151 2X45 sec. 4 min. 30 sec.
Semilac Top 2x45 sec. 4 min. 30 sec.
Semi Hardi 60 sec. 2 min. 30 sec.
Now paint the nails with gel/hybrid nail color of your choice (in my case it is red Semilac 026 My Love) and put it under a lamp, and cure.  Apply a second layer and again harden nails under a lamp.
Remember that only base should have contact with nail plate.
Now we must protect the paint with Top Coat which we also must  harden under the lamp. The final step is to wipe each finger with nail cleaner and finish with one of four Semilac Manicure Oils... mango smells wonderful! At this point, our nails are completely dry, hardened and ready to work. 
Gel/hybrid Nail Polish, which you see in the picture is Semilac 026 MY LOVE. It is a beautiful red with subtle flecks. The color is very intense, lustrous and classic. The bottom line is that the nails withstand without chipping for 2 weeks and the gloss is amazing!
This is the softer version of the gel/hybrid manicure with  Semilac 053 French Pink Milk, which is a transparent color. It will be ideal to work or to school.
 FOR REMOVING you are going to need:
  • Nail Soak-Off Wraps
  • Gel/Hybrid Nail Polish Remover
  • Semilac Striper
  • Buffing Block
REMOVING GEL/HYBRID NAIL POLISH is really simple and does not require specialized instruments. Nor is it harmful for our nails, does not damage them in any way. First buff off top coat layer with buffing block then you can use Nail Soak-Off Gel Wraps or u can cut off little squares of aluminium foil and cotton balls, which must be soaked in  gel/hybrid remover or acetone, then carefully wrap each nail. After 10-15 minutes you can gently take off the gel/hybrid with Semilac Striper or orange wood stick. You can also soak your nails in acetone without wrapping your nails.

Gel/Hybrid Manicure  gives incredible durability (2-2.5 weeks), strength and nail gloss, and we do not have to wait for the paint to dry completely. Here, after the final stage of the cure nail we can return to our daily routine, because paint is completely dry and hard. I think it is definitely worth investing in a set. I certainly will source the additional colors, because the choice is really wide. The only caution is unfortunately shades of paint on the page do not exactly match the colors of the real and before you decide on a color, look on the internet for some more images.
How do you like the prospect of a lasting manicure by 2.5 weeks?  We are YES! 

    I invite you to observe account on Instagram @kosmetycznahedonistka , where often there are new designs using Semilac Gel/Hybrid Nail Polishes.
    You can also watch a tutorial how to do Semilac Gel/Hybrid Nail Polish Manicure Step by Step:

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    • Semilac USA on

      Hi Yelena,
      Yes you don’t need to use the base and top with 5 in 1 products 👌

    • Yelena Aronson on

      Hi! There is a product called 5 in 1 # 802, which is, I believe, base, gel and top together? Can I use just this product alone or I still need base and top coat?
      Thank you

    • Semilac USA on

      When using Hard Milk you have to use Base first then Hard.

    • Rebecca on

      When using Hardi Milk for pastel colours, is it applied after the base coat or is it used as the base coat?

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