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Semilac Collection "UNIQUE"

SEMILAC! and 9 new fall shades in the collection Unique 

Diverse, unique, extraordinary - simply Unique .


Semilac  introduced new fall colors to the collection Unique. But it is not everything.There are also new fruit manicure oils.

Collection Unique, consisting of nine shades. Semilac decided to expand the collection and introduced nine completely new colors. You will find here the red, fuchsia, purples and green hues.



153 Red Magnat vivid red with a metallic sheen.

 152 Fuchsia Miracle here in the name of the hit point. This juicy fuchsia with a metallic finish.

 146 Purple King is an intensive, cool shade of purple, also a metallic luster.


 147 Violet In The Dark  is a dark, cool purple with a creamy finish.

 148 Night Euphoria is one of my favorites in this collection. Color very obvious. Chocolate-crimson hue, in which are embedded particles pink. Wonder!

 145 Lila Story  is the second tone, which particularly to my liking. Beautiful lilac color with a creamy finish.



 149 Olive Garden  here the name also perfectly matched. Just olive green with a creamy finish.

 150 Hunter Queen  is an intermediate shade of green extinguished with a creamy finish.

 151 Army Green  is a darker shade of green khaki.



             Semilac & Original              " Unique Collection"

Diverse, unique, extraordinary - simply Unique .

 Each shade in this collections is unique and very well thought out. 

128 Pink Marshmallow is clear, whitened roses cool tones and creamy finish. We know that such a bright, pastel colors tend to be difficult in the application - not in this case. Do not leave streaks or clearances, and to full opacity needed three very thin layers.


 141 Lady in Gray  to gray perfect. Not cool, not warm - just neutral. Solo looks very elegant, and a duet for example Pink Marshmallow gaining girlish look. Polish has a creamy finish and conceals the two thin layers. 

 126 Queen Of The Night  name hit the jackpot. Beautiful, delicious and very elegant deep, inky blue. Gel has a thin consistency so to the full opacity needed three ultra-thin layers. Genius!

 116 Blueberry Kiss  is a cool violet which were sunk iridescent pink particles. For intense color and full opacity put on three very thin layers. The color is very unique. I do not know the second that! It will look gorgeous on the nails of the feet. 

 129 Violet Bliss is pure, deep, beautiful violet for extremely creamy finish. The color is very strongly pigmented. Full coverage is provided by two thin layers.

 123 Scheherazade  is very elegant mix extinguished fuchsia and wine.

 134 Red Carpet  is a real hit! As soon appeared in the store, he disappeared in the blink of an eye. It is very saturated, vivid red. It lies at two thinner or thicker single layer.

 133 Tutti Frutti  is a must shade of the spring. Real red, very creamy. Behind the two very thin layers.



 I am very curious what you think about the latest collection colors Unique. Let me know which shade especially hit you in the eye.





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