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Semilac 027 Intense Red & 144 Diamond Ring


Holidays are approaching and on this occasion I prepared a small overview of  Semilac red shades.

Semilac is offering a nice selection of beautiful red and burgundy colors which will be interested in all the lovers of such colors on the nails.

Red color presents itself on the nails very noble and elegant. When it comes to Semilac Soak Off Gel Colors it is plenty to choose from. They have both beautiful classic reds and interesting burgundy in various shades. Remember that each Semilac color looks differently in different light. Always is good to check in Google how a particular color will be presenting.

I'd like to recommend my favorite Semilac colors:

025 GLITTER RED - Classic red with silver and pink particles.

026 MY LOVE - Very elegant red with particles.

028 CLASSIC WINE - Elegant red wine without particles.

069 DIRTY RED - Red with a hint of brown, without particles.

070 PEARL RED - Pearl, deep cherry.

071 DEEP RED - Dark burgundy red, without particles.

083 BURGUNDY WINE - Dark wine red, without particles.

098 ELEGANT CHERRY - Metallic wine hue with plum glow.


I'd like to propose to you Cosmetic Hedonist blogger stylization with Semilac 071 DEEP RED and negative space accent.

You can make this accent using thin Semilac Nail Art Brush 000-1 or 000-2. First we paint the top triangle, then the bottom triangle creating open space on the nail plate. Then add three lines that connect two ends to create this simple pattern.



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