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Even when summer has passed we still want it to be somehow present. You may move back in time with SEMILAC Scented Manicure Oils ... you can feel the smell of juicy lemon, pineapple, peach and coconut anytime you like to.

SEMILAC specially designes beautiful bottles and convenient applicator makes that their use is just a pleasure!

Like any other body part hands should be well taken care of. The nails should be healthy, strong, and well - manicured. Our hands are our business card, that's why we have to take care of their appropriate hydration and lubrication. Manicure is like the cherry on the cake ... That is why SEMILAC created 4 scented manicure oils.

Regular manicure treatment, housework or even weather can make your cuticles around your nails to become dry which does not add beauty to your hands. So that is why it is so important to take care of them with suitable products.

Rich and thought through ingredients composition of Semilac Manicure Oils perfectly nourishes and deeply moisturizes cuticles and also preventing their excessive build-up on the nail plate and cracking. Intelligent formula is giving the skin healthy and radiant look and additionally strengthening the nail plate.

You will reach the best results when you are going to use Cuticle Oil regularly, in your daily basis, even while wearing any type of manicure. Use the product directly after the manicure and also between to achieve nutrition and regeneration around the nails. Semilac Manicure Oils are ideal for both the care of your hands and feet.

Try them all and pick your favorite! Let us know in comments which one you like the best ... Pineapple Delight ... Peach Sweetness... Coconut Exotic ... Lemon Refreshment ...

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