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Your Guide To Manicure BASE & TOP COATS - Which One Suites Your Needs The Best?

Semilac brand offers the whole family of Base & Top Coat products for Soak off gel manicures and traditional manicures.

Also I would like you to take a look at the products for nail care which they are also a very important element in the proper nail preparation before and after manicure treatment.


Let's look at first at the SEMILAC BASE & TOP COAT COLLECTION for Soak Off Gel Manicure.

 We recommend selecting the gel base, depending on your needs:

  • for maximum durability recommend classical base Semilac Base.
  • for increased protection of the natural nail recommend base vitamin Semilac Vitamin Base.
  • for convenient application and savings recommend Base / Top 2 in 1 Semilac Base Top.

Classic Semilac Base: makes the color stay on nails up to 21 days.


Semilac Vitamin Base - is enriched with vitamins E and B5, so that doubles the protection of the natural nail. With vitamins, it is delicate in dealing with the natural nail plate, while we ask to take into account its slightly less durability compared to our conventional base. Vitamin base makes the color stay for around 14 days.


Semilac Leveller Base - is a self-leveling base for soak off gel / hybrid colors. Thanks to the very dense consistency this base is very easy in the application witch certainly will meet the approval of people starting their nail styling adventure.

Leveller Base id different from the other bases because Leveller Base can fill the nail plate unevenness and self-leveling properties. In addition, it's dense and flexible, witch makes it easy to use. A product with such properties requires a special composition witch results in the highest quality of the styling criteria being fulfilled by its use up to 14 days.

No primer is required before application of this base.

This base is dedicated to problematic nail plate with uneven structure, witch provides better adhesion of the soak off gel / hybrid products.


  1. prepare nail plate and degrease it with nail cleaner or alcohol.
  2. Apply one layer of Leveller Base. Its thickness depends on the effect that we want to achieve - in order to build up the nail you should apply more layers and each cure under the lamp. When using Leveller Base in the form of a regular soak off gel /hybrid manicure, simply apply a thin layer of the product and cure it under the lamp (curing time depends on the power of the lamp).
  3. Apply thin layer of color and cure it in the lamp.
  4. Apply one more layer of color and cure (remember to secure the free edge of the nail with color).
  5. Apply Semilac Top of your choice and cure it.
  6. Finish your manicure with Semilac Cuticle Oil.

Semilac Base Top / 2 in 1 - combines Semilac Base and  Semilac Top together so enables convenient application of soak off gel manicure. Base / Top 2 in 1 remains on the nails for 14 days.

Semilac TOP - Finishes manicure and gives beautiful shine of your nails. Should be apply on last cured layer of Semilac Soak Off Gel Color.

Top No Wipe - Top, which does not require degrease the dispersion layer after curing. It provides long - lasting and very high gloss - it gives the effect of "wet nails" for weeks. Especially recommended for dark Soak Off Gel Colors - it will give them a characteristics depth.

Top Mat - preserves Soak Off Gel Polish and gives nails matte finish.

 Top Mat Total The newest Semilac Top Mat Total perfectly preserves the color and gives manicure matte finish. It creates interesting to an eye and pleasant to touch "suede" surface that is free from any kind of streaks and gloss. In order to achieve the best results, we recommend applying particularly thin layers of the product.

 Top Mat Total No Wipe - 

Semilac TOP MAT TOTAL NO WIPE does not have a dispersion layer, so after curing it gives nails a beautiful mat finish - no need to use Cleaner! It is easy to apply and does not get dirty! It saves time and money.

The newest Semilac Top Mat Total No Wipe perfectly preserves the color and gives manicure matte finish. It creates interesting to an eye and pleasant to touch "suede" surface that is free from any kind of streaks and gloss. In order to achieve the best results, we recommend applying particularly thin layers of the product.


Type of Lamp  Semilac BASE Semilac TOP
UV Lamp 2 minutes 4 minutes
LED 6 W 45 seconds 2 x 45 seconds
LED 36 W 20 seconds 30 seconds 


We recommend to use SEMILAC NON - ACID PRIMER before applying Semilac Soak Off Gel Nail polish to increase the adhesion of gel polish applied on the nails.

We also recommended STRIPER a very useful tool which can help you gently and safely remove any gel color from your nails without any damage after soaking in Gel Nail Polish Remover or Acetone.



Now let's look at the other Semilac products. You will find in their offer, among other things:

VITAMIN 10 IN 1 - which strengthens and nourishes nail plate. 10 in 1 it's a product which improves the condition  of the fragile and weakened nails, and the content of Silicon & Calcium has a huge impact on their strengthening.

Also rich complex of vitamin E, C & F is a nutritious bomb which moisturizes and increases resistance to mechanical damage.

The product should be applied to the natural nails.


Semilac ALL IN ONE - Every woman in the field of beauty and personal care appreciates universal solutions that work in every situation. Semilac All In One is a solution like that! It includes regenerative formula that combines three applications:

Product applied as a base ensures better grip and smoothness for nail polish.

Used alone will give an aesthetically - looking natural manicure, which gives the nails healthy and fresh look.

Used for finishing manicure, All In One is going to highlight the gloss, secure and protect the nail polish from damage.

All In One is created on the basis of Tea Oil and Vitamins E and C. It is a complex of ingredients which are very helpful with keeping nails in excellent condition.

Semilac CRYSTAL TOP COAT - How to make a classic nail polish to stay longer on the nails and how to keep the beautiful gloss?

Semilac Crystal Top Coat will help you with this. It is a product that should be applied directly to the painted and dry nails!!!. The effect is immediate - manicure gets unique glossy "3D" finish.

Crystal Top Coat's diamond formula protects nail polish against damage, thanks to which we can longer enjoy the perfect manicure.

In addition to improve the effect of a perfect manicure we recommend to use Semilac DRY & SHINE.

The product dries traditional nail polish in 30 seconds - just apply one drop on the painted nails. Thanks to pipette and consistency of oil it is provided a convenient application.

Dry & Shine prevents from smudges and scratches on the nail polish and  guarantees a beautiful shine. And also thanks to jojoba oil it moisturizes the skin.

Finally the perfect manicure is also a well take care of cuticles. Cuticles around your hands and feet nails perform protective function, but often their excess is removed to achieve a neat appearance.

Special formula of Semilac Cuticle remover softens dry cuticles, which facilitates their removal. The product has the keratin and glycerine structure, which is a one of the best nourishing ingredients for skin and is also free from parabens.

Semilac Cuticle Remover should be applied in small amount around cuticles and then massage for a few minutes.





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  • Semilac USA on

    Primer dries very fest, when you done with one hand the other should be ready for base but primer should be dry before base.

  • Kasia on

    How long do you wait after applying primer to apply base coat? Do you want the primer to dry or still be wet.

  • Semilac USA on

    Hi Jean,
    No you do not cure primer.
    You should cure base coat
    Curing time for Semilac products depends on the power of the lamp:

    LED lamp 6 UV lamp 36W LED lamp 36W

    Semilac Base 45 sec. 2 min. 20 sec.
    Semilac Color 45 sec. 2 min. 20 sec.
    Semilac Color – 001,016,031,149,150151 2X45 sec. 4 min. 30 sec.
    Semilac Top 2×45 sec. 4 min. 30 sec.
    Semi Hardi 60 sec. 2 min. 30 sec.

  • Jean on

    Hi just wondering in the process of gel polishing…especially using semilac hardi range…are you supposed to cure the primer??? Then basecoat …and if so for how long with uv…or led

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